Hong Kong Jockey Club - Resumption of Mark Six lottery draw on 24 September

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The Hong Kong Jockey Club (the Club) has earlier postponed the resumption of Mark Six lottery draw due to the severe situation of COVID-19 and public health risks of mass gatherings. The Club understands that customers are eagerly expecting the resumption of Mark Six lottery draw, and that the revenue of Mark Six is a major source of the Lotteries Fund to finance various social welfare services. After balancing these factors and the Government’s gradual relaxation of measures to allow the measured resumption of social and economic activities, the Club decided to resume the Mark Six lottery draw on 24 September. Initially, the Club will only provide online and Telebet services for the purchase of Mark Six lottery tickets. No lottery ticket selling will be available at the Off-Course Betting Branches (OCBBs) to avoid the public health risks.

The draw will be held only once a week initially. The first three draws after the resumption will take place on 24 September, 29 September and 8 October, respectively. If the pandemic continues to stabilise, the Club will resume the sale of lottery tickets at the OCBBs in the fourth quarter of this year. Customers may visit our OCBBs in advance to set up HKJC e-Wallet, open or re-activate their betting accounts and set up funds transfer facilities for purchasing lottery tickets in future. This can prevent customer crowding and help minimise the public health risks.

For the draw taking place on 24 September, customers may start to purchase tickets from 17 September via Telebet, eWin at https://hkjcmarksix.com, Classic 3-in-1, and MangoPRO App.

The Club will closely monitor the situation of COVID-19 and decide the arrangements for subsequent draws. Customers may refer to the Club’s future announcements, or the Mark Six website https://hkjcmarksix.com for the latest information.