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Did Florida lawmakers legislate “responsibly” when they passed a measure that would require Florida Lottery tickets to warn buyers about the addictive nature of gambling?

Florida would be the first state lottery in North America to require such a prominent warning, according to lottery industry officials.  Governor DeSantis says he has concerns about the bill, indicating a veto is a real possibility.   Former Gov. Rick Scott rejected a similar bill in 2017.  Scott cited the potential hit on school funding in his decision to reject the prior proposal. He said the warning requirement was “in direct conflict with the Lottery’s constitutional mandate to maximize revenues and reduces the educational opportunities available to Florida families.” 

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Georgia leaders warn federal opinion could 'devastate' lottery proceeds to pre-kinder and HOPE Scholarship - $1.1 Billion in 2018

State officials were not immediately clear on the decision’s fiscal fallout in Georgia, where the lottery transferred a record-setting $1.1 billion for pre-kindergarten and HOPE scholarship programs in 2018. The letter by Kemp and Carr said a ban on online lottery sales “would devastate the benefits provided to citizens in Georgia and across the nation through state lotteries.”

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